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About the Company

Betri árangur ehf. is a company that offers several courses, it mainly emphasizes on Icelandic for foreigners.

Inga Karlsdóttir teaches the courses for the foreigners, she has a BA degree in Icelandic and M.Ed. degree in Educational Studies. She has also several courses in PHD (icelandic for foreigners).

Betri árangur ehf. puts a lot of emphasize on success, thorough and professional work and personal service.


The duration of the courses are not the same, but a usual course is 60 hours long. The teaching takes place at Suðurlandsbraut 6.

Betri árangur ehf. offers different levels and the description is as follows:

Icelandic for beginners
Emphasizes the basics in vocabulary and grammar. It involves light reading and the students will get training in talking. The course puts a lot of weight on the fact that the students will get the knowledge to make themselves understandable in the every-day-life on Iceland. The curriculum will also include introduction of the country and the culture.

Icelandic, beginners II
Independent sequel from Icelandic for beginners. In this course we keep practicing talking and fundamentals in grammar. The students will get special exercises in talking and introduction of the country the culture, traditions and customs. This course also puts a lot of weight on the fact that the students will get the knowledge to make themselves understandable in the every-day-life on Iceland.

Icelandic III
Independent sequel from Icelandic II. This course further practices speaking and here we will go deeper into the more complicated grammar. We will exercise writing texts by writing several introductions and get realistic assignments. Heavier texts will be read and assignments that relate to what is happening in the society at that time.

Icelandic IV
Independent sequel from Icelandic III. Mainly emphasizes on grammar and speaking excersices that are build on the grammar exercises. Writing will be practices using real assignments. Emphasize will be put on students awareness and their ability to express things that are happening in the society.

Specialized courses
Betri árangur ehf. also offers specialized writing-, literature-, speaking or courses that are aimed at the corporate, there the main emphasize will be on specialized vocabulary. The last course is well suited for those who, i.e. work in the health sector or for those in other sectors that need to adopt another vocabulary than which is used in the daily life.

Parents and children
It is often the case that parents can not attend the courses due to the fact that they have young children. If that is the case, Betri árangur ehf. offers a course for them.

Courses for those who are not literate on the Western writing
Betri árangur ehf. offers those who are not literate on the Western writing special courses where reading and speaking is exercised on the speed which is best suited for the group. It is often very difficult for those who are not very good readers to attend the general courses and therefore we offer this option.

Distance learning
Betri árangur ehf. offers courses at different levels which are also tought in the general study but these courses are based on using the computer.

Private lessons
Private lessons are also offered and their timing can be flexible so it can best suite each students preferences.

Icelandic for Icelanders (who i.e. have lived overseas)
Betri árangur ehf. also offer this course and support for Icelanders at primary, elementary and collage level.

Orthography for Icelanders (who i.e. have lived overseas)
In this course the main orthographic rules are exercised and students are trained in how to deploy them by working on related projects.

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