Icelandic for foreigners – Betri árangur ehf

About the Company
Betri árangur ehf. offers several courses, it mainly emphasizes on Icelandic for foreigners. Inga Karlsdóttir teaches the courses for the foreigners, she has a BA degree in Icelandic and M.Ed. degree in Educational Studies. She has also several courses in PHD (icelandic for foreigners). Betri árangur ehf. puts a lot of emphasize on success, thorough and professional work and personal service.

The duration of the courses are not the same, but a usual course is 60 hours long. The
teaching takes place at Suðurlandsbraut 6.

Icelandic courses: 39.000 kr. (60 class hours)

  • Members of Labor Unions can apply for refund of upto 75% of their course fees in their Labor Union.

Contact us

Send email to learningicelandic@gmail.com or via telephone: +354 8977995

* For registration please include social security number (kennitala), if available and course level


Where to find us

Suðurlandsbraut 6, 2nd floor to left, 108 Reykjavik



Katarzyna Mazur-Pytlowany:

“I really recommend that school. This is very effective and it’s a lot of fun learning icelandic with Inga”.

Marta Slowinka:

“Inga, you should be awarded some kind of title for introducing Icelandic society to the foreigners….. BIG THANK YOU! PS. We miss you….”